Since 2008, Jazz On Edge has been dedicated to presenting the amazing range of music we know as jazz to an appreciative Orlando and online audience, and giving creative local and nationally-known musicians a place to perform their own music, without boundaries.

"Jazz On Edge" is a concert series that is the brainchild of Orlando freelance writer, promoter and musician Joseph Hayes, who put together the inaugural show in 2008 at Taste in College Park. The follow-up is moving on Saturday to the larger Garden Theatre in the emerging business center in downtown Winter Garden. The theater will accommodate a bigger audience and also offer a setting that is conducive to listening, although Hayes is incorporating some potential audience participation in a "jazz loft" jam session that will close the evening. He's calling the show "International Flavors and the Sound of Sax," and the headliners are designed for jazz fans who appreciate challenging music that leans on skilled musicians equipped to solo. The latter quality is at the heart of Hayes' own definition of jazz: "The image of jazz is either of someone being in a concert to sit down and watch, or of someone playing it as background music in some restaurant," Hayes says. "Rather than it being an act of creation in front of you, which is really the definition of jazz, isn't it?" The headliners at Saturday's show are well equipped for improvisation: Pianist Edward Simon, who will be playing with his trio, is fresh from two nights earlier this week at The Jazz Standard in New York. A sideman for the likes of trumpeter Terence Blanchard, Simon and his work have twice been honored as one of the Ten Jazz Records of the Year by The New York Times, for Edward Simon (1995) and Simplicitas (2008). Simon's penchant for Latin and Caribbean music is exemplified in compositions such as 2005's Venezuelan Suite, which melds jazz, chamber music and Venezuelan folk music. His performance in Orlando actually will be a homecoming, of sorts, since he lives in Orange City. Who knew? "He's been so supportive and, frankly, he wanted an opportunity to play locally," Hayes says. "There aren't many venues in town that will focus on original music, rather than covers of the same five standards while people are eating shrimp scampi." Also on the bill is the Tiptons Saxophone Quartet, an ensemble of four saxophones and drums that combines New Orleans' Second Line style with Balkan and gypsy influences, Bebop and Swing. "The things we're trying to accomplish with this series is, first, to have musicians play their own music," Hayes says. "Second, we want to expose people to the astounding variety of music that is still classified as jazz. "Everything is listenable and rhythmic and from the heart," he says. "I don't think there will be a lot of real 'out-there' stuff until we get to the jam, and then all bets are off." ~ Orlando Sentinel

November 22, 2015:
The concert preview of "Tom Waits For No Man"
a new play by Joseph Reed Hayes starring
Cole NeSmith and La Lucha and special guests
at The Timucua White House

The story of Bobby Ace; semi-professional third-rate road musician trying to make a living by singing the songs of Tom Waits in seedy bars and half-empty clubs. It is only when he loses himself in his fictional onstage persona that Bobby finds out who he truly is. This concert preview features actor Cole NeSmith in a bravura solo performance and nu-jazz band La Lucha live on the Timucua White House stage.

November 6, 2014:
House Concert featuring La Lucha
with Jun Bustamante and
special guest Benoit Glazer

Pianist John O’Leary, bassist Alejandro Arenas and drummer Mark Feinman have toured and performed at jazz festivals around the world, including events in Italy and France. La Lucha was the "third character" in the 2013 production of Joseph Reed Hayes' jazz play, SOLOS. A popular draw at the legendary Timucua White House, their music puts unique twists on non-jazzy songs. They performed with singer/songwriter Jun Bustamante, along with the host of the Timucua White House music series and musical director of Cirque Du Soleil, trumpeter Benoit Glazer and a reading by Jazz On Edge founder Joseph Hayes


"An admirable tilting at windmills – a balancing act of challenges and accessibility." – Orlando Weekly

13in13: Five Shows:
Brian Groder/Tonino Miano
Heather Friedman
La Lucha

"Designed for jazz fans who appreciate challenging music that leans on skilled musicians equipped to solo." - Orlando Sentinel

Per Danielsson Trio

The Cook Trio

Edward Simon; The Tipton Sax Quartet; Brian Groder

Brian Groder; Eastside Combo; Claire Courchene

Jazz on Edge is a great thing for our community! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. Thanks so much for the opportunity! I can't wait to see what's in store for the next one!!" - Claire Courchene